Keep the Learning Spirits High in the Refugee Camps

Children laughing came from a room located in the front of a house belonging to a relative of a teacher in SD 2 Genting, Cepogo, Boyolali. The house which was located in Siswodipuran village, Boyolali City, was used as an activity post for a group of SD 2 Genting students. About 40 students gathered at this place, while the rest were scattered in different refugee camps in Boyolali City. Seeing the DBE 2 Team coming, the children welcomed us enthutiastically and shook our hands.

In this simple room with a green carpet, the children were engaged in a variety of learning  activities. This temporary classroom was complete with a laptop, and an In-focus  LCD projector provided by the teachers of SD 2 Genting. In this classroom, the children were very excited to be in school again and participating in the learning activities. They  started in the morning and continued trough to the afternoon. It was just like a normal class. They studied math, science, socialstudies, English and Indonesian.

”We tried to gathered our students here to have some activities during this emergency situation”, said Mrs. Sri Nuryani, a teacher of SD 2 Genting who was formerly a DBE 2 District Learning Coordinator in Boyolali.  At this place, Mrs. Nuryani and other teachers initiated an emergency class to help the children to overcome their fear of the dissaster, to entertain them and to invite them to do something positive.

”Miss, please take a look at my book”, said Rian, a forth grader thrusting his note book which was half full of his hand writing. Mrs. Sri Nuryani explained that in the first days in the refugees camp, together with other teachers, she distributed note books and pencils to their students. ”We asked them to tell the story about Mt. Merapi, then they learned about mountains in Indonesia,” she added.

In the afternoon, the children were drop off to the city and take a rest in the refugee camp located in  a Boyolali church. And in the morning, they were picked up to go to the activity Camp in Siswodipuran village to study and play.

”Miss, when will you come back here? Please do not forget to bring me toys!,” said the boys while the DBE 2 Team was leaving the house.

Written by Me for my project


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