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Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

“What inspires you to blog?”

It is really an interesting question that I never really think about before. Having that question in mind made me look back to the moment when I was creating my blog. It was simple, I just want to wrote my feelings, my random thoughts about things and my experience in life. Some of them are expressed through words or video, and many of them are captured through pictures.

There are few things that inspire me to blog. For me, each moment is special, I can’t redo that moment. Writing those special moments in a blog is helping to keep those memory fresh. And since I am really into photography, I also like to capture things through pictures that speak. I do really hope that people who see my pictures that I posted in my blog could see or feel something beyond what it shows. For example, when I took pictures of someone’s face I could also see and feel what this person is feeling. Through pictures, I also would like to share the beauty of my Indonesia – the landscape, the culture and the people. I do posting some songs from youtube. I think song is perfect to represent my particular feeling and memory.

I see my life as a long journey. If I could sit and watch life pass from the side line, I would say that my life is full with the ups and downs. There are a lot of unique experience in that I could share in my blog through my own perspective. For example, my work allows me to travel in remote areas across Indonesia and it changes my point of view about certain things differently. One last thing that inspire me the most to write my blog is friendship. Having experience living away from your family, made me appreciate more the value of friendship. My friends are my family, I do nothing and everything with them and to have them around have made my life more colorful and interesting.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Having fun at the Transformers Exhibition

Don’t know what to do during the week-end? Just grab your camera and go somewhere… like a mall??? NO WAY, it’s boring. But however my feet automatically led me there and apparantly the mall was not that boring and became very interesting!!

There’s the Transformers Exhibition. YUP.. The Tranformers have never been boring. These super super giant robots are very attractive not only for the kids, but also for the adult fans. Mainly, the third movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has just released on June 1, 2011. The movie was directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg is now available in regular 2D, 3D and IMAX.

Meet the Bumblebee, the yellow robot as one of the character at the Transformers movie. The yellow color in the middle of the atrium where the exhibition was held, became the center of attention. There are so many family came to the exhibition and took picture of their children in front of the robots. And it is so interesting for me to be able to capture those children’s emotion admiring the robots, smiling and posing in front of them.

They come from different background of family, different style of life, but they are all have these innocent little cute faces. They are the Indonesian future generation. 🙂

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